‘In order to understand any act of painting, we have to know about this strange transformation of vision into movement and material, and about the place of this transformation: the painter’s acting body’ Helena De Preester, 2013

The process of making art requires the total engagement of all the senses of one’s being. Decisions are made at each stage of the process through Action. In particular, I love the physicality of making art.

In 2010 FIona had the opportunity to go to GMIT and do a BA in Fine Art and Design-  6 year part time course. Fiona was selected for the 2012 RDS Student Art Competition and has exhibited locally with KAVA and in Galway city. In 2018 the Colours of Stillness exhibition with Julia O'Keefe was held in the Courthouse, Kinvara, Co Galway. 

The process of engaging with art requires that the viewer is active, engaging all their senses and thus becomes part of the on-going process of making art. In 2018 Fiona explored the different way one engages with art with a small group. This experiment looked at the difference between engaging through the visual and then engaging through all the senses of the body. This work continues in the groups Fiona works through KoruExplore, engaging with Landscape and Art

Fiona Rooney, BAAD

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