Fiona Rooney BA, BAAD is an archaeologist and artist, co-director of Through Time Ltd based in Galway. Fiona has worked in archaeology over the last 30 years and received her BA degree in Fine Art and Design in 2016, exhibiting locally. Since 1999 has trained in Energy Healing and Body Soul Spirit Creative Practices. 

At the heart of my practice is Connecting in with the Body/Land, with Spirit/Soul and finding Creative Ways to Live in Connection

'To occupy your body is to occupy your life' - Jacob Needleham 

A Little more info:

Fiona was first introduced to BodySoul Rhythms in February 1999 while pregnant with her first baby..(2 children later, motherhood has been and continues to be my biggest training).

In 1999 she began her trainings with Energy Healing - Reiki  working in the Athenry Cancer Care.

She is a Facilitator/Teacher of both Dancing the Rainbow and BodySoul Rhythms (Leadership Training with the Marion Woodman Foundation) - and informed by Marian Dunlea's work- BodyDreaming. 

Fiona has practiced BodyMind Centering & Authentic movement since 2005 and continues Contemplative Dance Practice with Bernadette Divilly.

Deeply connected to Spirit since childhood, introduced to shamanism in 2003, her work and life are enriched by the practice of Shamanism with Liam Glenane, Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldebach (www.shamanism.dk).



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